Welcome to Lott's Thoughts

My name is Nathan Lott and this is the homepage of my website. 
Here you will find links to my AppADay podcast where I review
iPhone and iPad apps, my blog which is a personal journal, and
the blog for the San Antonio MacApple Users group which I have
been president of for about 6 years now. 

The AppADay podcast was started in November 2009 as part of
a challenge called "National Podcast Post Month" or
NaPodPoMo.  The object was to post one podcast a day each
day during the month of November.  That is what I did, but once
November was over, I decided to do the show 5 days a week.  By
episode 260 I was starting to get burnt out on doing it everyday
and it became a once a week show.  There have been a few long
hiatuses in between, but I always seem to come back to it
because I love apps.

On the San Antonio MacApple Users page you will find meeting
information as well as videos I have done demonstrating both
iOS and Macintosh software.  

The other things I do are linked to on the side.  I co-host a music
podcast called Halfway Around the World. We do two 13 episode
seasons a year.  I like to take pictures and those can be found on
my Flickr page.  Finally, I write book reviews for a blog called
Book Sandwich which is now part of a much bigger website (ran
by a couple friends of mine from California) called NoMarket.org. 
There is also a link to my Twitter account. 

Lott's Thoughts
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